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IP logging's off, comments are screened and anon is enabled.
This post can also be used for contact, questions, comments, concrit and - well, everything!
If you'd like to speak to me more privately, I'm DA and you can contact me at [ profile] darkangel998 
I'm also available for PMing on this account, if you'd prefer to talk that way. :)

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Hellnet backtags
1 Erik

2 say no to the dress
2 Dancing queen


10 Dec catch all Lacie, Eda, Oscar, aramat, Squalo
2 old ass inbox thread is old


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p e r m i s s i o n s

o o c

Backtagging: I will backtag into eternity
Threadjacking: yes, but if it's a serious thread then ask me first
Offensive subjects: nothing. Seriously
Style: prose or brackets, I can and will do both

i c

Hugging this character: Do you really want to die? Hugging Xanxus is not exactly the smart way to go. You can hug him, but expect a
Kissing this character: Sure. Lay one on him. Watch the world burn. He'll most likely initiate and it'll not be gentle..
Flirting with this character: WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO. Go for it. He might not react at first, but it also might just amuse him. It should be known that to Xanxus fighting is a form of flirting.
Fourthwalling: you can try, but he won't believe you.
Offensive subjects: his adoption blueballing him from a leadership position, his 8 years on ice, getting beaten by a 13 year old shonen protag, insulting him/his cat, etc etc. Just about anything can offend him, it's just a question as to what level of pissy
Hitting this character: Punch him all you want! But he'll retaliate violently.
Fighting with this character: Oh god yes. He's all for it. And the bloodier the better. He's pretty much a monster, so there's that. This plus is, the better you are, the more likely Xanxus might actually grow to maybe treat you moderately better.
Injuring this character: sure! he's pretty study. maybe talk to me if it's a significant injury though.
Killing this character: let's talk it out and plot with me first though! he's more than capable of killing, as well.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: yes and no. He's got a very strong will and is mostly immune to illusions thanks to hanging around a very strong baby. But he's pretty easy to read. It's pretty much : Death, Kill, ANGER, oh look a cat, MURDER, I will be the hokagethe 10th Vongola, ice sucks.

w a r n i n g s

Language -
His vocabulary consists of more swears than normal words so he will most likely always have a content warning of "language"He will pretty much never have anything nice to say ever.

Entitlement -
He thinks he's the greatest, baddest thing ever, and he thinks YOU should think that too. He's a disrespectful asshole that thinks he deserves and should get whatever he wants when he wants it and if he doesn't get it, he'll use force if he has to.

Blood and gore -
Xanxus is a killer. He's a hitman and killing is what he do. He's a sadistic sociopath that finds death funny as hell and he'll kill who he wants when he wants. It could be an old lady or a little kid or his best friend in the whole wide world. He doesn't care. If he wants you dead, he'll stop at nothing to see it happen with his own eyes and possibly by his own hands. His normal response to most confrontations is violence and he doesn't believe in going up the ladder of force escalation. He shoots first.

Terrible phone manners -
he canonically hangs up on people/interrupts them without any warning. So this is likely to happen...a lot. Especially if he decides what you are saying is boring/not useful to him.

Abuse: Xanxus' relationship with Squalo can very much resemble domestic abuse. He sees the way he treats Squalo as perfectly normal. He sees nothing at all wrong with calling him demeaning names and physically hurting him in various often humiliating ways. If anyone tried to point that out or fix it, he'd probably tell then to fuck right off.
Alcoholism: Xanxus loves to drink. A lot. His favorite drinks are whiskey or tequila and he drinks often.
Gross Scars: So, Xanxus was frozen for 8 years. When he came out, he was pretty much freezer burned. While his body mostly healed from that, when he gets angry (or in the case of LittleHades ALL THE TIME) his scars come out. His body is pretty much one huge mess.

Along with his Wrath Flames, which canon states can burn anything to ashes, he's also got ridiculous amounts of physical strength. His baseline punch puts a 2 story wide crater into reinforced concrete. With the right weaponry and motivation he levels an entire hotel floor. He doesn't hold back in a fight, ever. However, I am willing to make concessions for things if discussed with me, but in general, in a fight, he uses everything he has.


If you don't want to deal with Xanxus for whatever reason, that's totally fine. I want everyone to have fun and feel okay. Please let me know, so I can avoid those subjects or if you wish, not tag you all together.

If you would like to avoid specific things but not other things, that's fine too. If there's particular words, actions, gestures you wished avoided, feel free to let me know. There is also another OPT OUT here.

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💀 Player Information
Name: DA
Age: 34
Contact: [ profile] darkangel998 
Characters In-game:

💀 Character Information
Name: Xanxus
Canon: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Canon Point: ch399. blood loss From Jager
Age: Funny story about that. He's both 24 and 16. Chronologically, he's 24, physically, he's 16. It's... a long story.

Xanxus is a big dude with a metric asston of scarring. That's probably the first thing you'd notice if you look at him. His face and a lot of his visible flesh has some sort of scarring on it. It's not at it's worst (normally), but he does spread and covers most of his body. That and the fact that he weaves cat toys into his dark black hair for inexplicable reasons. He's got a really spiffy side shave and generally spikes his hair back from his face so that his scarring can be seen. He's darker skinned and because he's an animu, he has blood red eyes and weird forked eyebrows. He stands about 188 cm (6'2") and weighs in at 80 kg (176 lbs).

Other than his cat toys, Xanxus generally wears leather or various pieces of suits. He seems pretty allergic to buttoning his damn shirt or tucking it in.

Physical changes:
Non-hell physical change (change due to death). -- Xanxus' scars in canon spread to their actual level of severity when he gets angry. In death, he would no longer have control enough to keep them hidden. So he permanently looks like a burnt cinnamon roll

1) Hell Freebie-
Flaming Wings. Made of his personal Wrath Flames, they manifest when Angry but also when he wills it, but it's not his choice if he's mad. They just pop right on out.

(If veteran) - black sclera, he's already got red eyes naturally, so this is just for extra creepy levels

(if veteran) - Weird Demon arm - So, he got his arm cut off at his death and they forgot to bring it with him. So the wonderful people in Hell just picked up some random stray demon arm and plopped that on him.

History: enjoy your link.

And because I'm going to be touching on this later not so gently, a little extra something something. Xanxus is the Boss of a group of psychotics (and sociopaths) asshole assassins and he keeps them mostly in line by doing either jack shit and letting them do what they want or being an even bigger asshole than them. He wasn't supposed to be the Boss of these asswipes though. He was supposed to be the Leader of the entire Shonen Mafia, all because his name has two Xs in it, so that means he's the 10th right? Riiiight? He even went to a special Mafia school for that shit, but plot and adoption said otherwise. So he took a nice dowry given to him from his right hand guy and took over the Varia.

Each of his underlings are vaguely based on the Seven Deadly Sins. They all live up to them and pretty much all of them lack basic human levels of empathy or mercy.

Hell Status:

Hell Vet, please

What Brings Them To Hell:

Lord all mighty, have a seat, we'll be a while.

Let's start with the easy stuff first. Xanxus, though he was mostly raised to be the Boss of Bosses, was first some punk brat on the streets. So let's start with petty thievery and possibly jaywalking. He gets adopted into the Volgola and instead of growing up nice and good like they probably were hoping for, he becomes even more of an asshole. He enjoys murder (dead people are hilarious), extortion, torture, attempted patricide (twice), treason, child endangerment and abuse, debauchery, murder, alcohol abuse,  spousal abuse, even more murder and eating red meat during Lent. He was a terrible bully at school and while there is no actual proof of it, there is a consensus that he actually killed his older brothers and other heirs to make certain that he would be the 10th.

While many of the deaths attributed to Xanxus aren't shown on screen, the novels have him literally lighting an entire beach of people on fire and enjoying it. He does enjoy it. He loves killing and fighting. He vents his rage in explosive (sometimes literally) bursts. Of course this is when he's not being a lazy asshole. Though his sin is Wrath, he spends a LOT of time either napping or sitting on his ass and mocking the shit out of other people. That's a sin too right?

And the thing about it all is that he really doesn't care. He isn't bothered by any of this and he's NOT SORRY for it. If shown his sins on trial, he'll laugh and get all nostalgic and teary eyed because man that was a great time, can he keep that one for movie night at the Varia house?

Shonen Bullshittery/
KHR!' is known for two or three things. Strong babies, time travel shenanigans, and Dying Will Flames. There's a overly complicated  tl;dr version of it, but the shorter version is that Dying Will Flames (DWF) are a life force energy like chakra or chi or something. Most people have some form or level of DWF but few are actually able to tap into the power and use it. This generally requires a strong "resolve" and some cheap costume jewelry (or pills or getting shot in the head with special bullets that a lizard crapped out). Different people have different versions of this power, corresponding to the sky and 6 other weather phenomenon. (Sky, Rain, Mist, Storm, etc.) with each Flame having their own characteristics. Most people only have one Flame and most people need said costume jewelry or specialized weapons to focus through to manifest the power into actual physical form.

Xanxus is not most people.

Xanxus possesses Sky Flames. These are supposed to be super rare and "possess many mysterious qualities" which just means the author didn't want to explain them in detail. All other Flame types exist under it, so it's sort of like the Boss Flame to which other types gather. It's attribute is "Harmony" which allows the user to "synchronize" with their environment, use other Flame Users shit (meaning their special weapons though at a supposedly weaker level than the proper user), and merge other Flames with itself. It is the Flame Type closest to real fire had has a "Hard" and a "Soft" version. Soft Flames are for shit like hovering. Hard Flames are for fucking shit up. Xanxus is really good with Hard Flames. He's also really good at having a special version.

Flames of Wrath!
- Having only two known users in canon, it's a bastardization of Sky Flames that got some Storm mixed in, giving it the duel attributes of Harmony and Disintegration. This means the fire produced is ridiculously destructive, able to reduce anything it touches to ashes. And the kicker; Xanxus doesn't need some cute little foci to do that shit. His Flames react to his anger (thus Wrath Flames) and the angrier he gets the more powerful and destructive they are.

Super Strength -Xanxus is an arc villain from a shonen series. As such he is endowed with a ridiculous amount of physical strength, far more than even what his body seems capable of. At the age of 16/24 his baseline physical strength was enough to punch a two story hole into reinforced concrete. He wasn't even trying. He's also been depicted as throwing/kicking grown ass men for at least a mile. He is shonen ridiculous strong. With that strength comes the appropriate durability

Giant Flaming Cat -
meet Bester.  Bester is a Box Weapon (think magical spirit pokemon). He is a Sky Box Weapon which means he's super rare (only 4 Sky boxes exist in canon). His roar turns shit to stone. But that not cool enough? Well, Meet BESTER v.2, Which is just Bester because his Daddy got Angry. Instead of pure Sky Flames, this is what happens when you put Wrath Flames into his box. He comes out a Liger (Sky Lion+Storm Tiger), and now not only do you turn to stone, you also crumble into dust. Fun times.  BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Bester v. 3 - or the form right before he gets merged with Xanxus' guns. Because who doesn't love a Flaming Liger in literal platinum armor...

Not powers, but something close:
  • He's an elite assassin and has been killing for longer than some of the shonen protags have been alive in. He's got speed, strength and a willingness to do whatever it takes to win. The assassins of the Varia boast a near 100% record of completed missions. 
  • He MAKES his own weapons. He created special guns specifically to compress and make his flames exponentially stronger. You know, because he wasn't overpowered enough. These guns take and store his flames into a special bullet that comes out lots stronger than it went in. He's figured out how to use these guns to freaking fly by using the blast waves to propel him in the sky and change direction up there while controlled falling
  • He speaks far too many languages. (All Varia members must speak 7-8 languages in canon at native fluent levels, he probably speaks around 13) English, Japanese and Italian are canon, the rest are headcanon
  • He likes cats, shut up

The Pitch:

You say hell totally doesn't need another asshole with anger management issues, but you'd be wrong. He doesn't have issues. He can manage to get angry all on his own. He's pretty much the living embodiment of the Sin of Wrath. So much that his special shonen bullshittery power is called "Flames of Wrath" which are literal fires from his hand that can supposedly burn anything to ashes. In fact, he is probably the one person in his canon that doesn't need a maguffin to make his bullshit work. He doesn't need pussy things like "Resolve", all he needs is his anger. He's pretty much the easiest person in the world to piss off and he gets very very violent when he's angry. He's pretty much the anime version of the Hulk, as the angrier he gets the more powerful his Wrath is.

And anything can make him mad. ANYTHING. You cook his food wrong and he will kick you across an entire forest because he wanted something else. You mention he got his ass kicked by a pre-teen, DEATH. Wake him up from a nap, better start running now. Breathe wrong, glass of whiskey to the head! He'll punch out or shoot at just about anyone. He regularly picks up whatever is closest to him and throws it at people's heads, including his own people. Sometimes for fun. In fact, his own people, a group that has gone through a hell of a lot for him, is generally the focus of his little tittybaby fits. He has shot at, beaten on, and literally tortured his own guardians. (As in his canonical hobbies are making guns and torturing Squalo). Not only that, at one point in his life, he actually mocked his most loyal underling's so called death, calling him trash and pretty much dismissing the death as the funniest thing he's seen all week. For all the loyalty they show him, Xanxus is pretty much out for Number One for pretty much the entire series, going so far as to nearly ruin a cursed underling's chance at getting the curse removed because he wanted to fight some more. He only ever shows concern for someone else in the very last few chapters and only because the asshole went and got a hand through his chest without Xanxus' permission!

He's totally, unrepentantly entitled. He believes that he's better than anyone and can't wrap his head around the idea of anyone ever being able to beat him at anything. He KNOWS he's special and important and he revels in all the really nice things in the world. Why shouldn't he have nice things like private islands and war elephants and top shelf whiskey. He deserves it! Everyone else is "Trash" and "Scum" and he's not shy in letting people know what he thinks of them. Loudly. But it's not just bragging. Xanxus does have the power and strength to back up his boasting. Something else he's not afraid to do. He just loves throwing his weight around when he's assed to do it.

Not that he does it as much as he should. He's also one of the laziest asses this side of Italy. If it doesn't interest him, if it's even remotely boring, he'd rather just nap. He's got people for that. And he has no problem throwing those people to their deaths. Because people dying is hilarious. They're just fodder and a means to the end. If they die to get him to his goal, so be it. Too bad, sucks to be them, maybe if they were a little more skilled they wouldn't have died like bitches!!

When he wants something, he'll do anything at all to achieve it, no matter how low he has to stoop. He gets what he wants and he will cheat to get it if he has to. He is stubborn about getting the things he thinks he deserves and very very few dare to tell him differently (not without him attempting to kill them). Though he gets his ass kicked by the main shonen protag, that doesn't mean he's given up. When we see him in a future time period, he's still talking about how one day he's going to rule the Mafia world. Dude just doesn't know when to give up. Which is pretty obvious because not only did he try to kill his so called dad to take over the family business and end up frozen solid for 8 years, but after the magic maguffin rejects him and nearly kills him, he STILL is gunning for the position. It's HIS damnit it.

Setting Fit:
As a Hell Veteran, he would have lived in Little Hades for nine or ten months. He's most likely living with Squalo and any other Varia that show up (he's not co-dependent, I swear). In general, he really enjoys the Hell out of Hell. This is probably the best sleep he's gotten in years, surrounded by all this suffering! It's GREAT!! Or it would be if his apartment wasn't probably be the number one coldest spot in hell because Xanxus did a little stint in the 9th Circle of Hell (because the 9th Vongola froze him like the traitor he is and left him in a subbasement where he should have been forgotten). He misses his damn fancy castle and probably spends most of his days crashed out on the couch, snoring away.

When he's actually assed to do some work, he's planning on starting up something like the Varia again. He probably excels at his job at punishment, since he really does enjoy torturing people. It's totally a hobby as stated above. But he's not going to be happy as some cooperate drone. He's totally looking to stage a little coup and take over for whatever fuck has the Wrath Sin covered. Surely, the third time is a charm.

He moonlights as a Reaper because he enjoys killing and smuggling shit to the underworld is great. Yes, yes he did just steal candy from that innocent baby. He's working the Black Market and is saving up for a lovely Castle by a Burning Lake of Fire (full of Lava Sharks) with large grounds for HellLions and HellTigers that he'll totally be breeding.

In other words, currently Blue Collar Torturer with fingers in a lot of other pies.

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meme thread
meme thread
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So, I might joke a lot about him being terrible, but I'm about to get real serious all up in here for a second. It's not a joke at all to say that Xanxus is a truly terrible person. He has a habit of shooting people and/or hitting them/throwing things at them or other random, sudden unannounced acts of violence. He's got a short fuse and by short I mean it's not there at all. He can and will go off at the slightest provocation and he will react with anything from verbal abuse to physical violence. So if you do not want this occurring to your muses, this is your chance to say so.

His vocabulary consists of more swears than normal words so he will most likely always have a content warning of "language"He will pretty much never have anything nice to say ever and will come into your happiness and rainbows post and kick puppies right in the face. IF YOU WOULD RATHER NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH HIM, THAT IS TOTALLY COOL.

Just as a warning - he canonically hangs up on people without any warning. So this is likely to happen...a lot. Especially if he decides what you are saying is boring/not useful to him.

Right now Xanxus' abilities won't come into play, but I feel I should mention he is a shonen series arc Villain. So I feel I should mention that a baseline attack puts a 2 story wide crater into reinforced concrete with a punch and he has leveled an entire hotel floor while holding back so that will get addresses as it comes to it.

If you have any questions or concerns you can feel free to PM me here or pp me at my plurk [ profile] darkangel998


Your name:
Character's name + canon:
Are you cool with dealing with Xanxus's complete jackassery and excessive profanity?: Saying no is perfectly cool. If that's your answer, ignore the rest of this.
Can Xanxus throw things at your character?:
Can Xanxus punch your character?:
Can Xanxus shoot at/pick a fight with your character?: If yes, next questions
How much of an ability does your character have to fight back?:
How much damage is Xanxus allowed to do?:
Contact?: The best way I can reach you, if I need to ask a question.
Anything else?:


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